Andrew Jackson Photography: Wedding Advice

Reading through one of the wedding magazines (“Unique Bride” – (great magazine, BTW!), I came across what could be the best advice I have heard in ten years of capturing weddings…

“Remind yourself why you’re getting married. Most likely there will be a moment (however fleeting) when you & your husband-to-be are forgotten, as you grow ever consumed by the seating plans and floral arrangements. In which case, its time to take a break from your scrapbook and highlighter pens and refocus your attention on what will make your wedding one of a kind. You. Because you are.”

It is so easy to be swept away by all the planning and to-do lists, which is why we always recommend to couples that maybe two months before the wedding, steal a long weekend somewhere nice and remind each other why you are doing this – it will make the final build up SO much easier!

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